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E-learning voiceovers

E-Learning Voiceover Rates

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How Much Do E-Learning Voiceovers Cost?

Voxxers makes it easy to calculate the cost of your e-learning / training voiceovers in advance! You can read general information about our rates on this page, or you can download our much more detailed rates sheet.

Clients in Israel: Please note that the following rates do not include VAT.


E-Learning Voiceovers

Voiceover rates are calculated per word. It is therefore recommended to use our e-learning script template when creating your scripts, as it enables us to easily isolate and automatically count only the words to be recorded.

E-learning voiceovers are usually ordered in bulk. Therefore, the rates are lower than other types of voiceover, and the price per word drops as the number of words in the project increases. This helps make recording a professional voiceover for longer e-learning projects more affordable for you.

Our current rates are as follows:

Up to 800 0.35 USD, minimum fee 250 USD
801 - 1,400 0.30 USD, minimum fee 250 USD
1,401 - 2,000 0.26 USD
2,001 - 3,000 0.23 USD
3,001 - 5,000 0.20 USD
5,001 - 10,000 0.18 USD
10,001 - 30,000 0.15 USD
30,001 - 60,000 0.12 USD
60,001 - 100,000 0.10 USD

Rates include recording and audio editing.

Rates do not include re-recording due to changes in the script or changes in the requested tone of voice or pace. Therefore, you will be asked to provide us with the final script and to approve a short demo before we record your full project. It is also advisable to mark any special requests in the script. For example, you can underline or bold words you want emphasized, and you can include direction in a dedicated column in the script.


Cutting Audio into Files

Ordinarily, the audio for a single e-learning project is delivered in one big file. If desired, we can cut the audio into files for you. Our rates are as follows:

1-100 1 USD
101 and up 0.50 USD

You will need to provide us with the desired file names. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Voxxers script template when creating your scripts, as it includes a column for file names.


Technical Editing

If you are unsure whether your script is grammatically correct, we can edit it for you for 40 USD per hour of work.

Note that this service is only available for scripts that will be recorded by Voxxers.


E-learning Voiceovers

E-learning Voiceovers

E-learning Voiceovers

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