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E-learning voiceovers

E-Learning Voiceover FAQs

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Everything You Wanted to Know About E-Learning, Voiceovers, and Voxxers

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What are e-learning, tutorials and training videos, and what is the difference between them?

E-learning is “the use of electronic media and information and communication technologies (ICT) in education” (Wikipedia), and it can include tutorials and training videos.

In the context of e-learning, a tutorial is a video, slideshow, or program that describes the steps necessary to complete a single task. For example, instructions for configuring a firewall.

In contrast, a training video may cover an entire subject, the background and terms necessary for an in-depth understanding of the subject, and multiple tasks associated with the subject. For example, a video explaining what a firewall is, why one would need to configure a firewall, different types of cyber attacks, various security measures, and how to configure a firewall.


Why should I add voiceover to my e-learning, tutorials, and training videos?

E-learning material can be long, dry, and even boring. Since the goal of e-learning is to educate, part of the challenge is to retain the viewers’ attention throughout the tutorial or training video. This can be accomplished by adding music and interesting visuals, but by far the most effective method is to add voiceover, as from infacy, our brains are “‘hard-wired’ to pay attention to the sound of a human voice” (The Better Health Channel).


Why should I hire a professional voice talent to record my voiceover?

Professional voice talents use their voice as an instrument. They know exactly which notes to hit to grab the listener’s attention, keep it for the duration of the video, and get your message across. Skilled use of intonation is particullarly important for attention retention, as we “learn to pay attention to speech, pay attention to intonation and the rhythm of speech long before [we] begin to speak" (The Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment).

Furthermore, talents with a professional home studio will deliver high quality audio, so that the listening experience is smooth and uninterrupted by distracting audio artifacts.

And what about text-to-speech (TTS) you ask? TTS has come a long way, but it is still robotic enough to lose your learners’ attention. Plus, when it comes to variety, TTS can’t compete with a live narrator who can deliver your project in your style of choice: formal, conversational, friendly, businesslike, etc.

Finally, using great voiceover and audio in your e-learning will reflect positively on your company, impressing your listeners with your company’s professionalism.


Why should I hire a professional voice talent with a technical background, instead of a “regular” voice talent?

E-learning may include long and complicated sentences filled with industry-specific jargon. A regular voice talent will try to get around the jargon obstacle by looking up the pronunciations of technical terms or by asking you how to pronounce them.

The question, however, is whether they will actually understand the text. Being able to mouth words correctly without understanding them and the sentences and paragraphs in which they appear does not contribute to a proper, compelling, and educational delivery that is required for e-learning. In other words, if the voice talent does not truly understand the text, how can they convey the idea behind the text to the e-learning audience? The voice talent may very well emphasize the wrong words and/or use the wrong cadence, negatively impacting on the e-learning experience.


What makes Voxxers unique?

Voxxers is the only e-learning voiceover service in which all voice talents have a technical background, including science, medicine, hi-tech, finances, and more. Our talents understand your text, no matter how convoluted the sentences are and no matter how technical the terms are. That is why our slogan is: We speak your language!


Aside from voiceovers, what additional services does Voxxers offer?

We can perform technical editing for your scripts (provided they will be sent for recording), and we can also split your audio into named files.


Do you also provide other types of voiceovers, for example corporate videos, mobile apps, and telephony?

Voxxers specializes in e-learning; however, we also provide voiceovers for a wide variety of genres. You are welcome to send us your script, and we will get back to you with a price quote. The prices listed on this site refer to e-learning projects only.


How much do each of your services cost?

Please view our detailed rates sheet.


Is there a particular way that I should prepare the script?

We suggest using this script template when preparing your script.


How long will it take to complete the work?

Turnaround time depends on the selected voice talent’s availability. For estimated turnaround times, please see our rates sheet.


How do I know what the voiceover will sound like?

All of the demos on this site were recorded at our team members’ home studios, and they reflect the audio quality you will receive in your voiceover.

As for the voiceover style, you can select the tone of voice used in one of the demos, or you can request a different tone and we will record a custom demo in the desired style.


What if I don’t find a voice I like on your team?

We have additional voices without a technical background available. Please contact us for demos.


What if I don’t find the language I need on your site?

Please let us know, and we will do our best to find you a qualified voice talent in the desired language.


What if I need to make changes to the completed work?

If the changes are due to an error on our part, we will record the changes free of charge. Otherwise, there will be an additional fee, as specified in the terms of service on our rates sheet.


E-learning Voiceovers

E-learning Voiceovers

E-learning Voiceovers

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