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E-learning voiceovers

Professional Voiceovers for E-Learning and Training Videos

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Voxxers E-Learning Voiceovers

Voxxers specializes in voiceover for e-learning (such as training videos and tutorials). Our team is comprised of experienced voice talents with a background in hi-tech, science, medicine, marketing and/or finance, and we’re here to make your life as an e-learning developer, instructional designer or training manager easier, while reducing your company’s voiceover expenses.

  • Professional and experienced voice talents
    Elearning voiceovers are often very technical and dry, and listeners may have a difficult time keeping their eyes open.

    Voxxers voice talents are true professionals, who know how to choose the right vocal performance to keep your audience not only awake, but interested and learning, throughout the training video.

  • Familiarity with the jargon in your field
    When you work with a narrator who does not specialize in your field, they may not pronounce technical jargon correctly, so you have to make time in your busy schedule to be present during the recording. Even worse: The narrator may not understand your technical script... and if they don't understand it, how will they record it in such a way that the listeners will understand it?

    At Voxxers, each of our voice talents has a technical background. Technical terms are within our comfort zone, and we’ll record them naturally and confidently. At Voxxers, we speak your language!

  • Professional recording studios with high quality audio
    The Voxxers team uses professional recording equipment in acoustically treated home studios, ensuring you'll receive great audio.

  • studio headphones
  • Less service providers plus special rates = A significant cut in expenses
    When hiring a professional voice talent to record your e-learning video at a third-party studio, the costs include both the voice talent’s fee and the studio fee, making it a pricey venture.

    As all Voxxers have home studios, there is no need to pay a separate fee for a studio, so your bill will be significantly lower. Furthermore, we have special low rates for e-learning voiceovers, and the per-word rate drops the longer your text is. We’re sure your department will find some use for the budget you'll save!

  • Fast turnaround to meet your deadline
    When you work with a voice talent at a third-party studio, it can take quite a while to schedule a recording session that suits both the voice talent and the studio’s schedule, putting you at risk of missing your project deadline.

    With Voxxers, there is no third-party studio involved, so there no need to wait ages for a session to be scheduled. We’ll do everything we can to meet your tight deadline.

  • Additional services to meet your needs
    In addition to voiceover, we also provide technical editing for your script and cutting audio into files.


Order Professional E-Learning Voiceover for Your Project

Voxxers has got what it takes to get the job done right! Listen to our team's demos, and then contact us to receive a price quote for your training video or tutorial.

E-learning Voiceovers

E-learning Voiceovers

E-learning Voiceovers

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